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Brülltennis@Summergames HD

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Nach dem erstem offiziellen Angriff auf das Nachtgeschehen musste das Spielfeld aufgrund von Unruhen in der Nordkurve leider frühzeitig beendet werden.

Wir hoffen auf ein baldiges Rückspiel.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen in die Halle02;)


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Bruelltennis SetupOne or two small pseudo tennis courts are set up. On each station, either two tennis balls or two rackets are mounted on videogame-controller devices, that are modded to act as a minigame console.

Brülltennis is adapting the favorite classic PONG, a vintage console game back from those days where just a few moving pixels on the screen were enough to make game enthusiasts spend whole nights gaming. Here, it is spiced up with new graphics and ridiculous collagues to turn every match into a fun game.

The gamers use their voice to control their alter ego on screen. The louder you shout at your ball or your racket, the faster your player will be moved in order to catch the ball and return it to your enemy. This leads to a continous yelling, screaming, roaring and shouting as long as the ball is in the game.

So get set and make yourself ready for some short yet loud game experience!