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Countdown to SuperCollider 2010 Symposium

The SuperCollider Symposium comes for the first time to Berlin from 18.09-26.09 at TU, UdK, .HBC and the Singuhr Hoergalerie.

SuperCollider is a cutting edge audio software of unparalleled power and flexibility. Those who use it tend to want to defy the conventions of standard software, to experiment with their own interfaces, sound synthesis and processing, and enable new musical interactions and sound worlds.

The festival itself starts with workshops at Universität der Künste and .HBC led by Nic Collins and Tom Hall. The presentation of electronic, contemporary and club music is one of the main aims of the festival. At different playgrounds like the Kleiner and Großer Wasserspeicher, .HBC, Wave Field Synthesis Hall in TU and Ausland, a line-up of sonic artists such as Alberto de Campo, Nic Collins, Daisuke Ishida, Tom Hall, Frederik Olofsson and many more will be presenting Supercollider based works.

For more infos, program and registration visit http://www.supercollider2010.de

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